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Scientific farming following sustainable approaches is our philosophy.  We cultivate both agriculture and horticulture crops implementing best available technology.  We keep abreast of agricultural technology advancements across the globe and make necessary modifications to localize them. We communicate with successful scientists and farmers across the globe, learn the technical knowhow from their knowledge and experience, and  make faithful efforts to implement them in our area.

Sri Agro Farms is located in Silagam and Timadam,  rural villages in Andhra Pradesh, southern India. At Sri Agro Farms you find farmers, scientists and promoters with a common zeal to practice, research and promote sustainable farming technologies that would make a difference to the planet while making a profit to the farmer.  We identified System of Rice Intensification (SRI) as one such technology and plunged into SRI paddy farming, thus breaking the ice in our area on SRI.

At our horticultural farms in Timadam village, we cultivate turmeric and yam and gloriosa under raised beds and fertigation.

Garuda SRI weeder evaluation


We strongly support SRI technology ‘Grow more with less’ and urge farmers to visit our farms, learn the technical know-how and practice SRI in their fields. Off-late there has been a lot of interest on SRI in many developed and developing nations. World bank and other international organizations are strongly urging paddy farmers across the globe to practice SRI.

SRI is new to our village ‘Silagam’; all of our village and surrounding villages’ farmers cultivate paddy following traditional approaches. At Sri Agro Farms we are currently farming paddy in 10 acres under SRI method and 3 acres under Traditional method to compare the two methods. Our hope is that if farmers see SRI implemented and benefits reaped, they may be self motivated to implment it in their fields… a local approach to Transfer of Technology.

We understand that first time implementation of  new technologies and methods involves a lot of risk and in most cases may not be cost effective. We imbibe the risk and break the ice in implementing new technologies so that local farmers can implement them with minimal risk. We are receiving a lot of positive response from our villagers who are visiting our farms regularly and comparing their traditional fields to our SRI fields and self evaluating the differences. We believe thats the first step for a change!

cono weeding using garuda power weeder

cono weeding SRI fields

SRI paddy field harvest stage

Kumar says:

Jan 7, 2013

Hats off to the Team at Sri Agro. It is heart warming to note that the importance of the efforts are focused in improving the Farmer Community around the area and as a whole.

From what I see on the website, It is a very sincere effort by people who know what they are doing and I strongly believe that it will leave its footprints for the future.

My very best and Look forward to working together in areas that offer us scope to complement each other.


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