Ginger Plantation Completed!

SriAg Farms, Timadam

We have successfully completed Ginger plantation on raised beds during the first week of August 2011 under the supervision of supporting scientists. We cut the ginger rhizomes into 2 pieces making sure that each piece has 2 to 3 vegetative buds and performed seed treatment prior to planting.


Local labor and our farming staff were trained on raised bed formation, seed treatment and planting operations. We thank our farm Managers, labor and scientists who worked as a team and accomplished this ardous task!

siva reddy sonti says:

Aug 28, 2014

Hi sir,
I am siva reddy sonti,I want to know which kind of lands are suitable for cultivation of Ginger.

In which kind of land did u cultivate.

admin says:

Aug 31, 2014

Sandy loam soils with good drainage are suitable for ginger

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