Narayanamma SRI Farmer

Narayanamma, SRI Farmer & Chairman, SriAg Farms

Mrs. Narayanamma Vonteddu serves as the chairman of SriAg Farms. Nayaranamma was instrumental in implementing System of Rice Intensification (SRI) technology in 10 ac at Janisha Farms.

System of Rice Intensification (SRI) is totally new to Narayanamma. Even though Narayanamma was skeptical about this technology, she understood the importance of SRI ‘Grow more with less’ . She along with our farm manager Raju got SRI training  from scientists at DAATT center, Amadalavalasa through videos and personal trainings.

She  never rested from seed bed preparation to transplanting 10-14 day old seedlings. Implementing SRI in 10 ac was quite challenging for her because SRI was not implemented by anybody in our area and labor was not very cooperative because one to two seedlings needed to be transplanted in grids marked by SRI markers. Thanks to DAAT center scientists who joined Narayanamma on the first day of transplanting in motivating and training the labor on grid transplanting.

One of the biggest challenges she faced was intermittent rains  during  transplanting. Despite perfect planning on sowing seeds in different seedbeds on different days to match up with transplanting schedule, intermittent rains challenged her plans since all 10 acres needed to be transplanted before seedlings crossed 14 days.  She could somehow manage to get the transplanting done by hiring more labor to compensate for the lost time due to rains.  One important thing that really helped procure labor was traditional farmers did not need any labor when Narayanamma needed because she began transplanting in 10 days after sowing while all other  farmers were waiting for their seedlings to reach atleast 25 days under traditional method. On an average 25-30 labor could transplant 1 ac/day. It took Narayanamma two weeks to get 10 acres transplanted following  SRI principles.

Narayanamma hopes scientists would develop mechanized SRI transplanters by next year so that she can get transplanting done with minimum hassles. Without mechanized transplanters she says it is practically impossible to get large number of acres transplanted with 10-14 day seedlings.

Narayanamma supervising weeding operation


Narayanamma, Chairman, Janisha Farms

Narayanamma, Chairman, SriAg Farms, initiating sowing operations of horticultural plantations in Timadam

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