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 SriAg Farms thanks DAATTC (District Agricultural Advisory & Transfer of Technology Centre), ANGR Agricultural University and Department of Agriculture for the continued scientific support and encouragement!

Mr. Chinnam Naidu works as  the District Coordinator at DAATTC, Agricultural Research Station, Amadalavalasa in Srikakulam District. Mr. Chinnam Naidu has years of  field experience with System of Rice Intensification (SRI) and has coordinated several SRI projects in farmers fields in Srikakulam district. Chinnam Naidu has been  voluntarily  providng  technical support to SriAg Farms farms along with Srinivas Rao.

Mr. Naidu is a good trouble shooter. He evaluated our newly purchased mechanized cono weeder (Garuda SRI weeder) and recommended shortening blade width when we encountered problem with tillers being cut in rows that were not planted straight. Chinnam Naidu demonstrated  regular cono weeder and mechanized conoweeder to our staff and labor. If you need additional information on SRI farming, please contact Chinnam Naidu during business hours at his office phone (+91) 08942 287720.

Garuda SRI weeder demonstration

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