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 SriAg Farms thanks DAATTC (District Agricultural Advisory & Transfer of Technology Centre), ANGR Agricultural University and Department of Agriculture for the continued scientific support and encouragement!

Mr. MMV Srinivas Rao works as Sr. Scientist at DAATTC,  Agricultural Research Station, Amadalavalasa in Srikakulam District. Mr. Srinivas Rao has extensive field experience with System of Rice Intensification (SRI) and has motivated several farmers in the district to implement sustainable farming methods like SRI. Srinivas Rao voluntarily agreed to provide technical support when approached by Reddy Ganta the initiator of SRI farming at SriAg Farms.

SRI Scientist, DAATTC Center

Mr. Srinivas Rao along with Mr. Chinnam Naidu, Coordinator, DAATC coordinated extended technical support to Janisha Farms from seed bed preparation to harvesting and performed several field visits. While SRI experts in the world recommend transplanting of single seedlings at 25×25 cm and 50×50 cm, Srinivas Rao proposed some modifications to address local issues like heavy weed problem, high seedling mortality rate by recommending 25×12.5 cm spacing and 2 seedlings/hill.

Tata Babu, Srinivas Rao, Chinnam Naidu and Reddy Ganta evaluating the new SRI power weeder (Garuda SRI weeder)

After several discussions between DAATTC scientists and Reddy Ganta and after careful evaluation of merits and demerits of two seedlings/hill and 25 x12.5 cm spacing, SriAg Farms decided to plant 2 seedlings/hill at spacings 25×25 cm and 25×12.5 cm.

If you need additional information about SRI farming, please contact Srinivas Rao at  his email:

SRI paddy farming india

SRI Paddy farm, SRI scientists

Cono weeder demnstration SRI farm

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