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Mr. Reddy Ganta works as Agricultural Scientist in USA and is a strong supporter of sustainable farming methods like SRI (System of Rice Intensification) that sustainably produces more with less. Mr. Ganta believes that with the ever increasing population and shrinking farming land base there is a serious threat to food security in the near future and therefore productivity of arable land needs to be increased following sustainable farming methods.

SRI Paddy Farmer India

After learning more about SRI technology through world bank Institute tool kits and various other initiatives from several international organizations, he is convinced that sustainable farming methods like SRI need to be massively implemented by farmers across the globe. In SRI method single  seedlings are transplanted at an early age and irrigated through alternate wetting and drying cycles resulting in 30-50% or even more yields utilizing only a third of water compared to traditional method.

In his research, Mr. Ganta recognized that despite significant promotional efforts by  Govt. extension agencies, SRI adoption by farmers  in his state Andhra Pradesh due to a multitude of reasons, one being skepticism since it was never practiced in many areas.  Therefore he  decided to volunteer his time and money as resource person for promoting SRI by breaking the ice on  SRI farming in his village.

SRI farming India

Mr. Ganta initiated SRI paddy cultivation project at SriAg Farms located in a rural village ‘Silagam’ in southern India, an area where 100% of the farmers cultivate paddy following traditional methods.  He motivated his family members Krishna Reddy and Narayanamma about the importance of SRI and indulged them into SRI paddy cultivation. He coordinated with local scientists for on-farm technical support and encouraged youth interested in SRI farming to learn the technical know-how.

Youth into SRI farming

Mr. Ganta’s  hope is that if farmers see SRI implemented and higher yields achieved in their area they will be self motivated to implement SRI in their fields, a local approach to transfer of technology.

Garuda SRI Cono weeder demonstration

If you decide to implement SRI method of paddy cultivation in your area and are looking for guidance on how to implement it or for real time data and information, please contact us at and our team will be glad to help you.

SRI Paddy Farming Yields

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