Maize (Zea Mays) also known as Corn in English speaking countries is the third most important cereal in India after rice and wheat. No other cereal can be used in as many ways as maize. Maize provides food, feed, fodder, and serves as a source of basic raw material for the number of industrial products viz., starch, protein ,oil, alcoholic beverages, food sweeteners, cosmetics, bio-fuel, etc.

 In India, Maize  is cultivated over 8.17 million ha with a production of 19.73 million tons having an average productivity of more than 2.4 tons/ha, contributing about 9% to the Indian food basket. No other cereal crop has shown the high growth rate as of maize.  The grain can be consumed as human food, fermented to produce a wide range of foods and beverages, fed to livestock, and used as an industrial input in the production of starch, oil, sugar, protein, cellulose, ethyl alcohol, etc. (Direcotrate of Maize Research).

Maize Package of Practices

SEASON 1. Rabi 2010

SEASON 2. Rabi 2011 Photos Jan 21, 2012

Maize Utilization Pattern in India

Maize Utilization Pattern in India (Directorate of Maize Research)

We grow Maize (Zea Mays) during Rabi season (Dec-April) after harvesting our Kharif paddy crop. We  implement sustainable technologies like zero tillage technology for maize cultivation. During the year 2011 we switched to mechanized sowing using maize transplanters.



Maize Marker for Zero Tillage

Zero Tillage demonstration

Maize sowing demonstration

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