Maize package of practices

 We follow University and Dept of Agriculture package of practices.
Seed rate: 8 kg/acre   [current seed price 4kg k15 seed Rs 600]
2 days after sowing spray pre-emergent herbicide  – Atrazine 7.5 gm/litre (1.5 kg per acre)
During Ploughing: Per Acre  – DAP 50 kg, Urea 50 kg, MOP 50 kg , Zn 20 kg (DAP, urea and MOP can be put in seed cum fertilizer drill)
20-25 DAS (days after sowing) – Spray Karthap hydrochloride 2 gm/l, Tilt (propichlorozol) – 1ml/litre

20-25 DAS – Urea 50 kg
40-50 DAS  -  Urea 50 kg
60-70 DAS  - Urea 50 kg, MOP 25 kg
Irrigation: Once every 8-12 days

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