At SriAg Farms Coriander is grown as an intercrop in the Elephant Foot Yam plantation. Our goal is obtain maximum productivity from unit area sustainably and planting intercrop between the rows of the main crop is a demonstrated method of improving productivity. Our selection of intercrops (onion, garlic, coriander) is based on the strategy that the intercrop reaches maturity and is harvested within 4 months of planting to avoid competition to the matured main crop. 

Coriander (Coriandrum Sativum L) is one of the most important minor seed spices produced as well as exported from India. It is a very popular cheap and versatile spice used in Indian and foreign dietary and is one of the chief ingredients in Indian curry powder. The green leaves are used to flavour, seasoned chutney and salads. Coriander seed is also known for its medicinal properties.

Coriander seed material

Coriander seed

Cool climate with low temperature and good amount of dew fall are favorable for the crop growth. It is cultivated on an extensive scale in light soils under irrigated conditions. Saline or alkaline soils with water stagnation are unfit for this crop.

Breaking dormancy in Corinader

Breaking seed dormancy in Corinader by rubbing with a chappal


coriander sowing as intercop with yam

Coriander sowing on raised beds as intercrop with Yam


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