At SriAg Farms garlic is grown as an intercrop in ginger plantation. Our goal is obtain maximum productivity from unit area sustainably and planting intercrop between the rows of the main crop is a demonstrated method of improving productivity. Our selection of intercrops (onion, garlic, coriander) is based on the strategy that the intercrop reaches maturity and is harvested within 4 months of planting to avoid competition to the matured main crop. 

Garlic bulbs

Garlic (Allium sativum L) has been considered as a rich source of carbohydrates, protein and phosphorus. Garlic having various medicinal uses is used as a gastric stimulant, which aids in digestion and absorption of food. It is also reported to be useful in reducing the cholesterol concentration in human blood. The inhalation of garlic oil or garlic juice has been recommended in cases of pulmonary tuberculosis, rheumatism, cough and red eyes. Apart from medicinal uses garlic has been reported to contain certain insecticidal, fungicidal and bactericidal action also.

Garlic cloves

Garlic seed material (cloves) ready for sowing

 Garlic has originated from Central Asia. This is a crop of the tropics, grown extensively in India. This is a common spice in Indian house hold and has several medicinal uses. Garlic prefers mild temperatures and does not stand either drought or ill-drained conditions. It will not tolerate excessive humidity or rainfall. It is generally grown as a cool season crop in our State. Loamy soils with good drainage and adequate irrigation facilities are ideal for development of bulbs.

Garlic sowing

Galric sowing on raised beds as intercrop in turmeric


Garlic intercrop sowing

Garlic sowing on raised beds as intercrop in turmeric

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