At SriAg Farms Ginger (Zingiber officinalis L) is cultivated using fertigation technology with the technical support of reputed horticultural scientists.

India is the largest producer of Ginger (Zingiber officinalis L) accounting for more than half the total world production. In Anhra Pradesh, it is cultivated in an area of 2508 hectares mainly in Visakhapatnam ( 1931 ha), Medak (311 ha), Rangareddy (91 ha), Nizamabad (77 ha), Guntur (58 ha), Srikakulam (25 ha) and limited areas in other districts lke Krishna East and West Godavari (APHU).


Warm humid climatic conditions are best suitable. Ginger thrives best in sandy loams, clay loams and red loams with good drainage. Garden soils rich in humus content are ideal. However, well drained soils are most suitable. The site selected should not have any impervious hard rock or heavy clay layer within 45 to 60 cm depth impending drainage.

ginger land preparation

Land preparation for Ginger

ridges and furrows

RIdges and furrows preparation

ridges and furrows

Ploughing the field

seed treatment ginger

Seed Treatment - Ginger

basal dressing

Basal dressing for Ginger

ginger sowing

Ginger sowing in ridges and furrows

Sowing Ginger

Ginger sowing operation

Young ginger plants

Ginger Plantation

Young Ginger Plants

V Tulasirao says:

Jun 13, 2013

We want to do cultivate ginger,my land at anakapalli in Visakhapatnam A.P.Kindly give your valable suggestion to me,tell me any other profitable crops

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