Turmeric (Circuma Longa L.) has a variety of applications as condiment, dye, drug and cosmetic. India ranks No. 1 in turmeric production and export. Andhra Pradesh is the leading state in turmeric production mainly cultivated in Krishna, Guntur, Cuddaph, Kurnool, East and West Godavari, Nizamabad, Karimnagar, Srikakulam and Visakhapatnam districts in an area of 67.78 thousand hectares producing 420.19 thousand tons (APHU).

Turmeric Benenifts

Season 1

Season 2 (July 2012)

raised beds turmeric

Turmeric cultivation andhra pradesh




turmeric cultivation andhra pradesh

turmeric cultivation andhra pradesh

Turmeric plantation

Turmeric harvesting

Turmeric grading

Chandra sekhar azad says:

Oct 17, 2012

population must be not less than 40,000 plants per acre . Chandra sekhar azad

rahul m says:

Apr 20, 2013

sir, this is my second time for tarmeric farming, please give us deatel abt fertilyzer and all

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