Zero Tillage

We intend to cultivate Maize (Zea mays) during Rabi 2010 following harvest of kharif Paddy. Rice followed by Maize is a recomended cropping pattern by Zonal Research Advisory Commiittee (ZRAC) for North Costal Andhra Pradesh.

Tillage influences the physical, chemical and biological properties of soils. Conventional tillage increases soil erosion, decreases surface residues, decreases the amount of organic matter over time. Reduced or minimum tillage has been reported to enhance soil quality while maintaining yields.

Owing to the sustainable benefits of zero tillage, we  cultivate Maize during Rabi following the conservation agriculture approach ‘zero-tillage’ or ‘no-tillage’  that is reported to enhances carbon sequestration.

Maize Marker for Zero Tillage

Maize Marker for Zero Tillage cultivation

Zero Tillage demonstration

Zero Tillage demonstration in farmers field by Scientist Mr. MMV Srinivas

Maize sowing demonstration

Maize sowing demonstration

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